Inauguration du Mariott Cap D'Ail

The Riviera Marriott Hotel is a resort that has been built on the sea. Our concept stems from this geographical location. Thus the project is based on the proposal to make this establishment a focal point between land and sea and to create a complementarity with the landscape. True ode to the Mediterranean, our spaces will play on the reflections of the mirrors to evoke and integrate the sea, on the grounds to suggest the ethnicities and the colors mixing the blues, the beige and the whites to translate its character. The landscape comes to inhabit the intimate space. The bed, central element of the room, created the decor of the room.

A path of wood on the ground recalls that of the ground floor. The rest of the room is immaculate white, to accentuate the panorama on the outside, and to bring back the landscape. Everything is composed to provide maximum comfort, well-being and rest. Our development proposal will offer a memorable moment to the guests and offers a setting facing the sea.


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Le Pavillon Gabriel est Lauréat du prix Versailles!

Le pavillon Gabriel is the winner of the 2019 Versailles Prize: A prize list that devotes the most beautiful achievements in different regions of the world. "Inspire, Progress, Include": The Versailles Prize continues its vocation for architecture and design to be the levers of sustainable development, with all its components: ecological - green economy -, social and cultural - purple economy.


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Inauguration du Café Jacques

A jewel-café in the gardens of the Quai Branly museum! 

Café Jacques is located in the gardens of Quai Branly Museum. Inaugurated in 2006 and signed by Jean Nouvel, this building is located in the heart of the 7th district of Paris, along the Seine and near the Eiffel Tower. The Café occupies a central position that embodies the French charm and the taste of beautiful things by combining architecture, fashion and gastronomy. In recent years the chef Alain Ducasse has taken up his new quarters within this café with the desire to create an innovative catering offer more in line with new consumption patterns and accompanying the search for "better living". The Branly café is located in the heart of the museum's garden by its wide opening terrace through its bay windows. Our concept stems from this geographical location. Thus the interior and landscaping project is based on the proposal to make this establishment a jewel in its glass case, and to create a complementarity with the landscape. The aim is to encourage the museum to affirm its commitment to nature and comfort, and to re-anchor it in the museum and its original territory: this garden of Eden in the heart of Paris. By treating it like a jewel, like the works exhibited in the museum, the ornament has here as "simplicity" and "natural" watchwords. Thus, the concrete, Jean Nouvel's favorite element, is immaculate in white to reflect the light and is warmed by small touches of a dominant color that is gold.



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Design the modernity of a building within an architectural unity that respects history. 
Give rhythm to spaces with a game of intersections of horizontal and vertical lines. 

Pavillon Dauphine

Combination of styles: Create an architectural route by opening the lounges one to the other.

Sortie du livre Volume ABC

For more than 25 years, Volume ABC collaborates with its clients into their interior design projects in France and abroad, in multisectoral projects of any size. 

Born from the internationally renowned Agence d’Architecture A. Bechu, Volume ABC is an independent and human-sized company, which own identity can be recognized in the signature of its realizations. This identity is recognizable through the work done regarding space and light. 

Because behind any project is hidden a story to resew, and because any realization becomes an indispensable chord to its environment harmony, Volume ABC presents in this book, as a musical partition, its “Harmonies d’intérieurs”: a selection of tailor-made and timeless signature projects.